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This is simon jones online

Or at least that is what the title 'simon jones online' might have you believe. The thing is I don't really live here anymore. I moved my web home to years ago, so you might want to check there?

Having said that, I won't leave you completely marooned here. I'm not entirely sure how you came to find this site, but maybe you'll be curious enough to want to check out a couple more links? If not, then as my good friend Jeffrey once famously said after a dinner party, thanks for coming and thanks for going.

For the curious among you.
I have a blog which you might want to check out. I also still write my 'Meanwhile' articles, so why not go check those places out. A question I'm often asked by people who look at my websites is: "What do you look like?" The answer is readily available in the form of a pictures page that seemed terribly narcissistic of me to create.

But why create all these websites?
Why not! I'm a web designer/photographer and I create sites and content for companies, corporations, charities, churches, night clubs and all kinds! I didn't want to get to a stage where I hated my job, so I decided that in order to continue enjoying the web and this endless digital landscape, I had to create a place for me to be me. A place where I am the only person who tells me how this should look, feel and work. Without this little bit of space I might already have become one of the masses who drones on about how much I hate my job, and in effect therefore how much I hate my life.

Life is random.
As strange as it may seem to some, I actually enjoy hearing from people whom in 'ordinary life' I might not actually have met. I appreciate the randomness of the web, and the ability that it affords us to reach out and 'cross paths' with people around the world, people like you maybe.

I write, I blog, I take pictures, I produce internet radio shows (now known as podcasts), I make short films and I share all of this on the world wide web for you and anyone else to find and hopefully to enjoy.

So what more?
As I mentioned before, if you're really interested you should visit my main website and drill down through that. And as always, feel free to say hello anytime.

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